Heading for night driving in the outback? Then you need a set of lights and somewhere to mount them. Uneek’s range of light bar brackets are suitable for a host of LED light bars for your next adventure. Pairing it with our fog light kit gives you the ultimate visibility even in the harshest of conditions.

Huge Range of Light Mounting Kits Available.

Either our bespoke Land Cruiser or universal light bar mounts fit to your vehicles existing gutters, making them easy to install. Cover 48-52 inches, your brackets can fit the widest of light bars too. Or alternatively you can find a 21" LED at KT Cable

Fog light Kits

Either as a replacement to your Ford Ranger PX or Nissan Patrol GU factory setup, or an upgrade to add to your Bullbar. The Uneek 4x4 fog light kit comes in 9W low power bright LEDs, with a 6000k-7000k colour temperature and is long lasting for 50,000+ hours.

A-Pillar Light Brackets

Why not pair your JK Wrangler with a set of A-pillar light brackets? Its high strength steel construction makes it tough for outback adventures. Whilst being powder coated to protect it from the harsh Aussie climate. Allowing easy mounting of LEDs to illuminate your path ahead.


Will the universal light bar kit fit my 4x4?

With 90mm of adjustment, you can easily adapt our kits to work with most off-roaders. We even offer a full refund if yours does not fit! Alternatively you can also mount LED bars to your roof racks with LED brackets from Rola.

Is it legal to fit a lightbar on my roof?

Please check with your local authorities if it is legal to fit (and operate) a LED light bar to your roof.

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  • TJ A pillar light brackets TJ A pillar light brackets TJ A pillar light brackets

    A Pillar Light Brackets To Suit TJ Wrangler

    TJ Wrangler A Pillar light brackets allows you to mount driving lights or LED lights to your A pillars.  Features: 3mm Steel constructions Folded and welded, shot blasted and powder coated Textura Black for long lasting protection Sold in...

  • Narva 22'' Explora Lightbar

    Narva 22'' Explora Lightbar

    9-32 Volt 5 Watt L.E.D Light Bar - Narva's new Explora ultra slimline L.E.D driving light bar features 'Advanced Optic Drive Technology'. The light output from the 18 x 5W high powered LE.D's is captured and focused to produce a more penetrating light...

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